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Bar Soaps

Our bar soaps are made by hand in small batches from pure ingredients like olive and coconut oils.  We never use chemical lathering agents such as sodium laurel sulfate.  Natural bar soaps are great for the environment because they do not require added packaging and do not create waste, or very little which is biodegradable.  Once used the soap will break down into simple salts that do not pollute the earth.  While they are gentle for you and the earth we encourage you not to use them near running streams, or ponds etc.  If you are prone to bathe outdoors, please allow the soapy water to be absorbed into the ground instead.  Now we know that most of you will be bathing indoors, in a shower or tub.  That waste water still finds its way back to the environment.  Our soaps never contain micro plastic beads - a practice used by large companies under the guise of exfoliating.  Ack!  It is our belief those beads were meant to lower the cost of production and nothing more.  Our soap does not contain fillers. 

Explore our categories to find the right soap for you and your family.  Our most popular are the clay soaps, check out Good Skin Blend for a soap that will help support anti-aging and acne prone skin.  We have so many to choose from and welcome questions - email us info@flintcreeksoap.com if you need help.