Meet Saffron

Posted by Lisa Fredrickson, CEO - master soap maker and skin care expert on 3rd Mar 2019

Meet Saffron

This week I was surprised about two weeks early with this adorable little fuzzy face. I went to check mama to see how she was coming along - thinking we had plenty of time. Instead her super full udder told me it was time to move her into her own stall. A few minutes after she finished sniffing her new and private digs she turned around and to my shock she began pushing!  Within minutes this sweet face was taking her first breaths. She is absolutely the sweetest softest baby ever born here on the farm.

Flint Creek Soap has moved around over the years, always growing, but it was here on this tiny creek-side farm that we took root and began growing our brand.  After the first year we had chickens and horses, lots of dogs and cats but something was missing.  Enter our first goat meant to be a companion animal. She had been bred and my first baby, Maisy came along soon after.  Maisy was a hoot, her favorite past time was parkour and the barn showed her accomplishments with hoof marks about 5 feet off the ground.  After she finished weaning I learned how to milk and then taught myself how to make goat milk soaps.  

Our goat milk soaps are a popular offering every spring.  We have always raised our animals with organically sourced feed and hay. We have always used our own farm-sourced milk to create our products and not ones to push the animals past their own natural cycles we stop production when the supply dries up. 

Goat milk is special when it comes to soap and human skin.  It has the same pH as our own skin and a rich amount of fatty acids which help to soften and nourish as it gently washes away dead skin cells, dirt, and oils without stripping the skin.  I recommend our unscented variety for infants and those with thin papery skin - those with the most delicate skin who need special care seem to do very well with this soap.  

Now that I have you all excited to try goat milk soaps you will have to be patient just a little longer.  I anticipate I will have the first batch or two out in the next 3 weeks.  I hope you will try it.  In the meantime I will see about getting some video of the newest parkour athlete in our ranks.  Happy Bathing Flint Creek Fans.. stay tuned as the blog will become a weekly thing starting today.  Take the journey with me from our humble beginnings and follow our progress as we break ground this year on a new manufacturing facility.

While you wait... try some of our gentle unscented soaps here...