Goat Milk Soap - Lavender

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Our goat milk soaps are back in stock!

4.8 oz bar - Lavender

Made with our own herd's fresh milk.  Our girl Isabel is producing milk for us this year and she is producing enough for 100 bars a day!  She gave us a beautiful girl two years in a row.  Ecaterina born last year and Saffron this year. 

Goat milk soap matches human skin's pH and provides nutrients and fatty acids that are gentle and soothing.  Some of our customers tell us about using this soap on tender elder skin because it is gentle and nourishing - same for infants. 

This soap is made with oils from coconut, olive, and non-gmo canola.  We never use palm or soy. We do process almonds and almond oil in our facility, not present in this soap. Lavender essential oil and flowers are used in this soap.