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Mens Soaps

These soaps are top pics where the guys are concerned.  We have included some soaps from other categories to make it easier to pick a soap based on need.  All of our soaps provide natural cleaning without stripping the vital oils from your skin.  

The most frequent questions we get are:

Will it lather?  Indeed our soaps are designed to create a rich, dense lather.

Will it clean, really clean?  Yes!  How much cleaning power do you need?  If you need something that will dig deep and scrub dirt, grime, and grease then try the Mechanic's Scrub - also know as our Gardener's Scrub.  It will do the job and it will do it very well!

Does it contain Soy?  That question comes up a lot from those with allergies.  And to answer, we do not use soy in any product we create.  

Will this soap leave a greasy feeling on my skin?  Absolutely not. 


If you have acne find some support with our Good Skin Soap - it contains clay and essential oils to clean deep and balance your skin. Want a manly smelling soap?  Try Adirondack, Cool Spring, and Timber or Patchouli and/or Three Little Birds.  Itchy skin? Try plain Oatmeal.  Smooth skin with no scent?  Oatmeal again, or our favorite Moroccan Red Clay.  Start your journey to good natural soap products that we promise you are going to love below.....