Sugar Scrubs

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Sugar Scrubs are a great way to stimulate blood circulation to the skin which is healthy for many reasons, where the skin is concerned increased blood flow helps to keep skin glowing and nourished. The sugar is also a gentle exfoliate. Our scrub is waxy when you scoop it out of the jar, as it mixes with warm water the oils will emulsify and creating more of a lotion. This helps the excess oil to wash away rather than coating the tub - though caution should always be used. Jojoba is the main oil used in our scrubs. Once you rinse the sugar away your skin is left with a healthy coating of oil - but not too much. Once you are dry the oil will have absorbed. If your skin is very dry follow with a light lotion or cream, but otherwise further moisturizing will not be needed.  

Each jar weighs 8 oz.