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Wholesale and Sales Representatives

If you are interested in becoming a wholesale vendor/distributor or sales representative please contact us Info@flintcreeksoap.com (email) or call 585-374-6778.  Minimums are very low to enable you to get product moving quickly.

Private Label Customers

Start your own business today!  With small minimums it is easy to get stock quickly and begin selling your own products.  We can label your products or send them to you naked and ready for your own labeling.  We have an artist on hand to help you develop your logo and branding or you can send us your artwork and we will populate labels for you.  Our name does not appear anywhere on your products and we will never disclose you as a customer - thus preserving your annonimity.  We will consult with you to help you best represent your product.  Some of our products are available through licensing only.  License contracts are renewable on a yearly basis.  Currently our soap, Good Skin Blend, is only available through licensing.  The fee to license and sell this soap as your own is $150.  This soap is our best seller and is under review for trade recipe (trade mark).


We can develop products to your specifications if you would prefer.  While we own the rights to these types of products we will not share them or otherwise duplicate them for our use or for use by another company.